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Schedule a demo so that we can show you the workability and longevity of our cold mix asphalt. Our high-performance material can be applied in any weather (rain, snow, or shine) and will stay in the hole when competitors material washes or blows out. Save money and time by using the right product for a permanent repair!

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EZ Street is a polymer-modified cold patch asphalt that is available in bulk or in a 35lb easy to handle bag. EZ Street cold patch is easy to use, easy to apply, and is permanent.

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U.S. Cold patch asphalt is the much safer, stronger and effective product for permanent pothole repair, asphalt repair, and cracks in .

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Bulk Material Our proprietary cold mix asphalt can be stockpiled so that you will have the material on hand when it is needed for repairs. Competitors’ material becomes unusable when stockpiled even in small amounts, but you can rest assured that the cold patch will be ready for you to use even after being stockpiled for months.

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UPM® Cold Mix Asphalt Repair Material is a cold patching mix for municipalities, contractors and business owners to fill potholes and repair roads. Cold patch asphalt repair is a preferred method for patching potholes today because it’s easy to use and doesn’t require any heavy machinery. In fact, all you need is a shovel and a hand tamper.

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GreenPatch’s patented technology finally offers asphalt manufacturers a safe and cost effective alternative to producing high performing cold patch. Our sales professionals and quality control experts are on site for every single production to ensure you are producing the highest quality high performance cold patch in the industry.

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The easiest way for a homeowner to quickly and economically repair most small holes that can occur in an asphalt surface is with cold patch asphalt. This material can be poured directly into the area in need of repair and, if done properly, will eventually harden into a permanent repair.

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The world's #1 permanent pavement repair material; DOT approved and used by all 50 states; Guaranteed Permanent; NO VOC's; No Mixing, Tacking or Mechanical Compaction Required; Material Remains Workable from -5° to 105° 0% Surface Water Runoff Toxicity and Meets all SWPP Requirements; Works in Water Filled Holes

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Asphalt Contractors / Potholes / Overlays and Edge Repairs / Utility Cuts and Trench Patching Water / Valve Surrounds, Catch Basin Grates and Drain Surrounds / Cold Asphalt Repair Products / About Asphalt and Pothole Repair / Contact EZ Street / Patch Once

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Shop asphalt patch in the asphalt repair section of Lowes. Find quality asphalt patch online or in store. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation DO IT RIGHT FOR LESS.

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The top countries of suppliers are China, Malaysia, from which the percentage of asphalt cold patch supply is 99%, 1% respectively. Asphalt cold patch products are …

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EZ Street cold patch asphalt is available throughout the United States and around the world. Select your state or region of the country to find your sales rep, get asphalt quotes, asphalt pickup points, cold asphalt pricing, asphalt bulk sack and asphalt bag pallet shipments.

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A revolutionary ready-to-use recycled asphalt product for permanently repairing potholes, cracks, and other defects in asphalt and surfaces. Sakrete U.S. Cold Patch is ready to drive on immediately after application. Sakrete U.S. Cold Patch is dry, odorless, and contains none of the hazardous volatiles found in typical cold asphalts.

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Upon compaction, the aggregate and asphalt interlock making the repair stable enough for immediate traffic. The surface of the patch will cure to the hardness of the surrounding pavement. Depending upon the depth of the patch, UPM mix below the surface will cure at a very slow rate. This slow curing process allows the patch to move with the pavement during weathering, expansion, and contraction.

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FIND A RETAILER NEAR YOU. U.S. Cold Patch can be found and purchased at many local retailer. Check the retailer website to find the nearest location and contact them to see if …

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Cold Asphalt Patch1 Year-round cold asphalt patch product for patching holes in asphalt. You can patch at anytime of the year, no matter how cold it is. Cures extremely solid within 3 to 4 hours. One 50lbs bag of Cold Asphalt Patch will allow you to patc

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Looking for PERMA-PATCH Black Cold Patch, 60 lb. Bag, Coverage: 6 sq. ft. @ 1" (3ZC17)? Grainger's got your back. Price $36.95. Easy online ordering and …

Price: $36.95

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Anova™ Cold Mix Solutions provide high-performance, polymer-modified formulations for cold patch asphalt mixtures at any level of recycled content. Our cold mix solutions provide economic value for the end-user because of the ability for the end user to incorporate up to 100% recycled asphalt

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HP Asphalt Cold Patch will adhere to clean asphalt. Although HP displaces water and maintains its tenacity to bond to old asphalt in wet conditions, it is important to remove excess water, especially in winter conditions. Excess water left in the hole may result in premature failure of the repair because of ice build up underneath the surface.

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Repair holes and cracks in your asphalt driveway or parking lot with blacktop repair products from Menards.

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Jun 07, 2019 · Sakrete U.S. Cold Patch, 50 lb, Bag, Black: Wall Surface Repair Products: : Industrial & Scientific ... Cold Asphalt Phothole Patch - 50 Lb. Bag 4.2 out of 5 stars 18. $52.51. RUST-OLEUM 250700 Blacktop Patch and Crack Filler 4.0 out of 5 stars 68. $21.96. Next.

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QPR High Performance Cold Mix Asphalt repairs potholes, utility cuts and street edges permanently…guaranteed. It works in all conditions – including wet applications. No need to dry your pothole, or add any tack coat! Whether you are using our bulk or bag product, no prior mixing is required.

My asphalt guy won't do a cold patch that big

The cold stuff is great for pot holes, and even some larger patches if you have access to a small roller or compactor. I have had no luck at all fixing a hole that large with cold materials, especially if the area will receive a fair amount of traffic. When we fix a hole that big, we saw the edges smooth back to hard asphalt.

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GSHP, Inc.’s High Performance, permanent, pavement repair is a high quality, premixed, 100% asbestos free, asphalt “cold patch” compound which combines a carefully selected aggregate with a special bitumen formula. Its tenacious binding adhesive causes it to remain in the repaired area indefinitely.

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Patch It does not acquire additional aggregates through mining or using virgin liquid. It is produced straight out of Green Asphalt LLC, in Long Island City, Queens, New York City's first plant to produce 100% recycled asphalt material.

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It is mixed and applied at the current ambient temperature. Cold patches are often used to repair cracks which run in excess of an inch wide, and as a pothole filler as well. Keep in mind that cold patch is not a permanent method of repair; rather it will get you by until you can take advantage of such repair work.

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Towns can send just one or two employees for the repair, saving time and cost to the town. Homeowners do not need to contact a professional to fix defects in their driveway. Just fill the pothole, tamp it down and roll your tires over it. That's all it takes. Town Highway Departments can also pick up or have bulk orders delivered. Our plant can produce Asphalt Cold Patch to order so it is always "fresh." For pricing …

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GSHP, Inc.’s High Performance, permanent, pavement repair is a high quality, premixed, 100% asbestos free, asphalt “cold patch” compound which combines a carefully selected aggregate with a special bitumen formula. Its tenacious binding adhesive causes it to remain in the repaired area indefinitely.

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Jan 28, 2019 · Roadway repair is especially troublesome in cold climates. Hot asphalt needs to be prepped to temperatures near 300° F. Air temperature and ground temperature needs to be at least above 50° F in order to properly set.

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QUIKRETE® Asphalt Cold Patch (No. 1701-58) is an environmentally friendly product specially formulated with a high percentage (>90%) of graded recycled asphalt pavement and special bonding agent. It is designed to be used for repairing potholes and cracks in asphalt pavements. Available in: 50 lb. (22.7 kg) bag.

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In fact, as a supplier of the most recycled material in America, we are firmly focused on producing quality asphalt pavement products with the highest regard for the environment, and we use Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) in all of our standard mixes.

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Your Asphalt Sales Solution. Since the 1950s Allied Asphalt has provided quality Hot Mix Asphalt, Warm Mix, Cold Patch and asphalt paving materials for highways, driveways, runways, and commercial parking lots. With asphalt plants in Bartlett, Franklin Park, Huntley, and West Chicago, Illinois, no order is too big or too small.

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Nov 22, 2016 · Cold mix asphalt is made of a quarter-inch chip and proprietary oil, which keeps the asphalt soft and helps to repel water. Because of the specialty mix, this repair solution does not require any heating. Additives in the oil keep the mix soft all year long to allow for pothole patching in all different types of weather.

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Cold Mix / PreCoat is a mixture of mineral aggregate and modified liquid asphalt binder mixed together in specific proportions, placed, and compacted at ambient temperatures.

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QPR High Performance Permanent Pavement Repair is the ideal solution for potholes, utility cuts and other repair applications. The product is easy to use, with a Performance Guarantee as a permanent repair. The product works in all conditions – including cold and wet applications. There is …

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Looking for SAKRETE Black Cold Patch, 50 lb. Bag, Coverage: 2 sq. ft. @ 3" (8EJP2)? Grainger's got your back. Price $19.55. Easy online ordering and next …

Price: $19.55

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The setting process of asphalt often takes time and patience. As such, the weather can have a dramatic impact on the efficacy of your patch or paving. Whether you use a hot or cold asphalt mix, there are certain blends that are only effective in summer, and others that are specially blended to be used in cold …

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cold patch asphalt Offers an effective way to fill a pothole or repair a portion of pavement in roadways, parking lots, and driveways while under traffic Can be applied …

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EZ Street® specially engineered their Cold Asphalt Patch to fix potholes permanently. This polymer-modified, high-performance material also repairs utility cuts, overlays, and edge work. It works on either asphalt or surfaces.EZ Street® Cold Asphalt works right out of the bag.

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Cold Patch At Maryland Paving, we process and sell Quality Pavement Repair, known as QPR, which is a high-quality modified cold patch pavement solution. Currently, customers may purchase QPR in bulk at our Rosedale, Texas and Finksburg facilities; we’ll be expanding the cold patch pavement product to other facilities in the near future for the entire Balitmore region.

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AQUASET is a cold-mix pothole patch that is a permanent repair solution for asphalt and applications. AQUASET is water-activated and uses a proprietary blend of organic additives that are environmentally friendly, safe, and non-toxic.

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One Shot Asphalt Pot Hole Repair is a uniquely formulated, solvent free, VOC free, fast cure, permanent cold patch asphalt repair. This formulation is instantly activated, cures and hardens with water immediately to form a very strong, extremely durable, permanent asphalt pothole repair.

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The Best Asphalt Supplier in NJ. If you are in the market for asphalt and need bulk asphalt delivery look no further than Braen Stone. Our company is one of the largest producers of asphalt in New Jersey. Braen Stone will deliver your bulk asphalt to your job sites throughout the New Jersey/New York Metropolitan area.

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I didn't want to use cold patch. The asphalt plant near me only sold by the ton. I was able to take some heavy duty double lined brown bags and fill four up for $10. I didn't use them right away, so I reheated them in my oven at 325° F for 3 hours (much to the consternation of my …

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bulk Red Asphalt 1. Temperature of aggregate is controlled at 170 °C -190 °C , and heating temperature of asphalt is at 160 °C -175 °C . 2. Our company can send engineers to assist successful completion of the construction project, and the quality of project is ensured.

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Feb 22, 2018 · Cold mix asphalt is made of a quarter-inch chip and proprietary oil, which allows the asphalt to stay soft and enables it to actively repel water. Because of this, the asphalt pushes the remaining moisture in the pothole or crack out, which in turn helps the cold mix asphalt to better adhere to the old asphalt on the road.

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May 09, 2019 · Cold patch asphalt (sometimes called cold mix asphalt) is an asphalt repair material used to patch potholes and cracks on roads, bridges, parking lots, driveways, and other surfaces. Cold patch asphalt is produced by mixing bitumen emulsion or cutback with cold aggregates, sometimes also with addition of polymers and other additives.

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Cold Asphalt Pothole Repair from EZ Street® EZ Street Cold Asphalt has revolutionised the Australian road maintenance and road repair industry over recent years by offering performance benefits which significantly increase both output capabilities and performance expectations for road maintenance teams around the country.

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Commercial grade sealcoating supplies delivered to your door. Quality asphalt sealcoat, crack filler and asphalt paints. Best quality. Best price guarantee.

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The secret of EZ Street is that its polymer-modified cold asphalt can permanently repair potholes, street edges, utility cuts and provide overlays to asphalt or . It works in all weather conditions – it can even be installed in rain puddles.

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Manufacturer of cold patch asphalt. Products include cold asphalt, which is available in 50, 60 and 80lb bags or bulk quantities, cold patch asphalt liquid, asphalt softening agents, which are delivered in 275 gallon totes and liquid asphalt for chip seal applications.

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Highway Departments – Respond quickly and efficiently to any asphalt repair need with EZ STREET Cold Asphalt. Stockpile, bulk, or use convenient 50 lb. cold asphalt bags. Construction & Utilities – No more wasting unused hot asphalt. Keep EZ STREET Cold Asphalt stockpiled, and use only what you need, when you need it.